Sunday, July 10, 2011

Awaken Your Inner Healer

  "…each patient carries his own doctor inside him. We are at best when we give the doctor
who resides within each patient
a chance to go to work.”
~Albert Schweitzer
      It is clear to me that my very first Jin Shin Jytusu session back in 1998 woke up my inner healer. Up to that point in my life, I was unaware that I even had an inner healer. In our culture, we are led to believe that we need a doctor to "fix" us. But when I found a holistic approach to wellness, it set me on the path to clearing long standing dis-ease in my body and restoring balance in ways that I never thought were possible. My inner healer was reminded that she had work to do, revealing to me the power that is within us.  We each have an innate ability to heal and being whole is our birthright.
      Think about it, for our entire lives, we have healed cut fingers and skinned knees, mended broken bones, overcome colds and flu without even thinking about it. Healing occurs without conscious effort, as does every breath and heartbeat and body function. The Innate Intelligence of our bodies has the ability is to maintain the body, to take the food, sunshine, water and air that we consume and turn it into what our bodies need to heal and become whole.  It maintains our bodies and is a creative force in our lives.
“You have within you right now,
everything you need to deal
with whatever the world can throw at you.”
~Brian Tracy
      Wholeness or "health" is our natural state of being.  Our Innate Intelligence provides us with all of the tools needed to heal ourselves. The assistance that we get from a practitioner or doctor merely provides support for our own bodies’ natural healing abilities. And when we attend to the cause of the disharmony, rather than masking the symptoms,  our inner ability to heal is supported.
      With Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Work, we seek to clear the energetic stagnation that produces dis-ease in our bodies. When the stress that is held in the body is removed, our inner healer is able to get to work returning balance and harmony. This enables us to tap into our natural ability to create the healing we need in our life, to help the body to fulfill its innate functions harmoniously, and to produce health.
"The reality is that you are a powerful being,
fully capable of things that may lie far beyond
your wildest dreams at this point."
~Bradley Nelson

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