Saturday, June 2, 2012


This is the piece that my beautiful daughter, Rebecca Molaro, wrote for our ceremony.  
Two gears in one man's workshop. Used in many clocks and projects but never together. And one day, the two gears were put in a box, the same box, same row. They were driven down the road and left in the grass for a new project...together. The man was surprised how wonderfully his project worked. Each groove in each gear fit together like the sun and the moon, the fire and the flame. 
These two people are much like those gears. Why they had to wait was only for their own knowledge of life and how it turns. Round and round, and round and round. Never ending, only making new beginnings. The beginning of a family, the beginning of a song. A forever going song. An always continuing song, a song so short it's over in a blink. ~Rebecca Molaro 

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