Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Power of Self Help

The Power of Self Help

"But from whence comes the healing?
...the healing comes from WITHIN."
~Edgar Cayce 
      Self-Help is the cornerstone of the Jin Shin Jyutsu and is the pathway to healing and continued balance. It is this Self-Help aspect that initially attracted me to Jin Shin Jyutsu. Through Self-Help, I have witnessed miracles of healing in my body at my own hands. I truly believe that with Jin Shin Jyutsu, time and an open mind, all things are possible. 
      I love that Jin Shin Jyutsu empowers us to take responsibility for our own healing, that it allows us to know ourselves in ways that connect us with our awareness and enables us to create balance for ourselves. I know so many people who present themselves to a medical professional and ask to be "fixed" by them when in actuality the body seldom works that way. 

      The Self-Help aspect of Jin Shin Jyutsu gives us the means to identify and deal with stress in our bodies and clear that stress so that healing can occur. It enables us to awaken our own personal inner healer. It is the time one puts into self-help/self-reflection that strengthens the pathway for healing. Attending to our personal healing needs on a daily basis is the way to balance and ease.

     I find that the most effective self-help is self-help that is done with the least amount of effort. It can be as easy as holding a finger or doing a one-step "quickie". You can do an entire flow or just the steps that feel good to you. Whatever you do for yourself will be beneficial. 

     The only time Jin Shin Jyutsu is not effective is when you are not using it. So pick something simple and do it every day. Make a daily goal of 20 minutes to start with and build up to more time eventually. The time spent with self-help need not be continuous, but can be 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. Make it work for you however you can. Do not be discouraged. Remember that the results are not always immediate, nor do they always come in the form that you are looking for, but on some causal level they are working for you, peeling the deep layers and clearing the way for balance and healing.

     How do you learn self-help? As part of each healing treatment, I share personalized self-help routines to practice at home. These tips are meant to support the work that we do together. I share self-help tips in this newsletter and on my blog. I invite you to join me for a class or workshop to really get jump-started with your own Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Healing Practice. 

"The human body is predisposed to heal itself and to exist as a healthy, thriving organism.
It's amazing, but true, that many of the most effective healing therapies (even for grave,
life-threatening disease conditions) are simple things that you can do for yourself at home. You simply have to educate yourself and take responsibility for your own health."
~Ken Adachi

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