Friday, March 11, 2011

Thyroid/Self-Help Success Story

“There’s no secret to balance.
You just have to feel the waves.”
~Frank Herbert

    A few months before my first Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner Class, I was diagnosed with a "toxic thyroid nodule" that needed to be removed. It was a scary time for me, my daughter was just 18 months old and I was a single mom and needless to say had a lot on my plate! I had been dabbling in Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help on and off for a few years following information in The Touch of Healing book. But without a practitioner to guide me it was difficult to keep up with it or really even to know what to do.
   They surgically removed 25% of my thyroid to get the entire nodule. It was not cancerous but they told me that at my age, removing the nodule was the best thing to do and that I would be on thyroid medication for the rest of my life.
   A week after the surgery, I had my follow-up with the surgeon. He said that in order to determine the proper dosage of thyroid medication that he wanted me to come back in a month to be tested for thyroid levels, then he would prescribe the medication.
In the meantime, I started doing Self-Help in earnest...nothing like a good push to get me to do what I know I need to do! I chose the Main Central Flow as the one to do because The Touch of Healing book spoke of it being a good daily flow.
   After a month they did the blood test for thyroid levels and when the results came back, my levels were just into the bottom of  the "normal" level. The surgeon decided that I should come back in 6 months because surely by then the blood test would give a good indication of how much thyroid medication I would need.
   Three months after this surgery, I took my first Jin Shin Jyutsu 5-day Basic Seminar. During a 5 day class, in addition to learning the history, philosophy and energy maps of Jin Shin Jyutsu, the participants get at least one session each day and give two session to learn Jin Shin Jyutsu hands-on.
   I learned that my choice of using the Main Central Flow every day was a good one as the Main Central Flow is not only the blueprint flow of the energy being/the ancestral river of life, but it is the harmonizer of the endocrine system, responsible for balance of hormone levels in the physical body. Our hormones are the communication system for our bodies, the grand directors of the functioning of our organs.

from Wikipedia....."The thyroid gland or simply, the thyroid, is one of the largest endocrine glands in the body. The thyroid gland is found in the neck, below the thyroid cartilage (also known as the Adam's Apple). The thyroid controls how quickly the body uses energy, makes proteins, and controls how sensitive the body should be to other hormones."

   The Thyroid has some big responsibilities! I continued doing the Main Central everyday and added some other self-help to my daily routine. When the blood work came back after 6 months, my thyroid levels were solidly in the normal level. The surgeon scratched his head and released my case to my regular doctor. He told me to "Keep doing whatever you are doing" and get tested again in 6 months to see how much thyroid medication I would need.
   It is now exactly 8 years after that first post-surgery thyroid blood test and every year when they do the blood work, my levels come back perfectly normal without any medication. It has been an amazing journey and confirmation for me of the power of self-help and especially the Main Central Flow.

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity
but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”
~Thomas Merton

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